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Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecilia is one of the most popular granites in Brazil, named after Santa Cecilia, a Christian martyr and patron of sacred music. This granite is extracted in Espirito Santo, in Brazil, renowned for its beautiful beaches, costal cuisine and sand dunes.

Featuring elongated deep yellow crystals, its golden coloration is the result of oxidation, which took place over millions of years. It is also possible to see brownish and black biotite crystals in the stone, a tribute to the region’s warm character.

Each slab of Santa Cecilia has its own level of complexity. It is therefore very difficult to find two identical slabs. The stone’s color will also vary according to the depth at which it was excavated. The slabs taken on the surface will be more golden and those taken deeper in the ground will cary creamier coloration because water will not have had the time to oxidize the stone yet.

  • Counters
  • Fireplace Contours
  • Flooring
  • Full-size Backsplash
  • Interior Furniture
  • Podium Bath Contours
  • Shower Bases
  • Sinks
  • Walls
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