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Being Ready for our Technicians

Being ready for

The Template Appointment

Template is a crucial step that allows our team to finalize the project’s evaluation. Our technicians do more than simply measure. They must evaluate the complexity to access the site, the particularities that are present in your environment that could potentially impact installation, and determine subtle yet essential needs for your unique project (ex.: seam positionning).

For a successful appointment, here are the important elements to plan prior to our technician’s arrival:

To see our technicians in action, check out this video!

Being ready for

The Installation Appointment

The installation is the final step of the process. Finally, you will have a more functional space!

Here are the important elements to take care of before our technicians arrive:

To see our technicians in action, check out this video!


Technician Schedules

Our logistics team sends a date and approximate time for your appointments. We ensure that changes are communicated along the way, but it is also important that you remain available ALL DAY on the day of said appointments, as the technician’s schedule can change depending on how previous appointments go, road conditions, etc. For this reason, our technician will call you 15 to 60 minutes prior to arrival!



You can reconnect services (gaz, electricity), install food grinder supports, faucets, dishwasher, stove/cooktop, the sink (if you have a drop in sink), and any other pertinent accessories. If you have an undermount sink, you must wait 24 hours before reconnecting the plumbing to allow the required time for the adhesive to cure and offer optimal hold.