June 14 2024 - Inspiration



Indoors and out.

Dekton de Cosentino was introduced to the market in 2013. Very quickly, this innovative material obtains an overwhelming positive response from the public thanks to its high resistance to scratches, to heat, to UV rays, and because of its relative lightweight (when compared to traditional quartz or natural stones). Dekton has since been transforming spaces by offering infinite design possibilities.

At GRANITEDESIGN, we have aquired a fabrication expertise since its very beginning. Having received awards as Dekton fabricator of the year, awarded by Cosentino, we are a proud partner for all of your Dekton needs, whether it be with the 20mm, 12mm 8mm and even 4mm!


Allow our distributors to create your project’s design. Our artisans will then carry out their mission; to shape your project to your highest expectations. Find a distributor near you, click here!