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June 14 2024


Versatility Indoors and out. Dekton de Cosentino was introduced to the market in 2013. Very quickly, this innovative material obtains an overwhelming positive response from the public thanks to its high resistance to scratches, to heat, to UV rays, and because of its relative lightweight (when compared to traditional quartz or natural stones). Dekton has … Continued

January 04 2022

A Stone Fireplace, sure but which one?

The fireplace is often a focal point in a room. It brings warmth and comfort, while adding style to your decor. Cobblestone and brick have been used for centuries, but what about more “modern” materials like quartz and Dekton Ultra-Compact surfaces? If you are planning on adding or updating a fireplace, here are a few … Continued

March 11 2021

Maximize your Summer with Stone

Create an Outdoor Living Space Our summers are precious! Each beautiful day, every warm evening spent in good company is a special moment. To maximize these times spent with loved ones, many are transforming their outdoor spaces to fit their lifestyle. The question that comes back often: can stone be applied to countertops even if … Continued

July 24 2018

FINISHES – Which one is Best?

Inspiration On Material Finishes You have chosen your cabinet’s color, wall paint, and even found that beautiful decorative object that will add punch. Your designer recommends to opt for stone countertops for a little touch of luxury to your space, but there is still one decision ahead of you : its finish. You hesitate. Is … Continued

April 11 2018

THE KITCHEN – At the Heart of your Home

Photo credits:Atelier Jacob Inspiration THE KITCHEN – At the Heart of your Home The kitchen is without contest the heart of our home. We all have one, and we all use it pretty much every day, but the kitchen is no longer that cramped space where our elders spent their day cooking for their young … Continued