March 11 2021 - Inspiration Kitchen

Maximize your Summer with Stone

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Our summers are precious! Each beautiful day, every warm evening spent in good company is a special moment. To maximize these times spent with loved ones, many are transforming their outdoor spaces to fit their lifestyle.

The question that comes back often: can stone be applied to countertops even if they stay outside all year-round? The answer; yes! In most cases!

Several materials are perfect to create a comfortable and durable outdoor living space. Ultra-compact surfaces like Dekton are a great material to use, but many natural stones such as granites and soapstone are interesting options with unique characteristics and advantages.

For the time being, quartz is not appropriate as this material includes epoxy in its ingredients, which reacts to UV rays (which will change the colour over time). However, the surface industry is constantly evolving, and it would not be surprising to see a quartz surface appear on the market that will be UV resistant!

Here is a comparative table of materials in order to select the best one for your outdoor space